Monday, October 6, 2008

It's On!

So said Kim when we gave Emerson her birthday gift........but c'mon. What little girl doesn't need a pink companion horse for trips to the grocery store, family outings, and general day to day activities?

"Now that was embarassing, mom and dad! Riding a pink horse with my cousin of all people! How am I supposed to meet any girls?"

"Here, son - take this mustang. It will distract your momma from the baby harley I have waiting for you in the shop!"


The Berg Family said...

It is so on... I am already plotting the perfect revenge. Your son does like pink barbie dream houses right?? If not.. he will soon! Or better yet... I will take a page from the Benjamin Roberts file and buy him wands and My Little Ponies!

Danny said...

That car is pretty B.A.